Bonus images
by Ang.

Hey everybody! Thanks for all the views, comments, and votes. It's great to know that the comic is getting out there to such great people! If you didn't know, this site is mirroring the main site, on Blogger, where the comic was first introduced. On that site, I sometimes upload bonus pics and news updates. If you'd like to see what you've missed, check out the "bonus" tag on the blogspot.


And, of course, there are also weekly bonus pics you can only get by voting on Top Web Comics - no need to register, just a couple of clicks to help spread the word!



Hello Comic Fury!
by Ang.

Hello all! I've been psting this comic on Blogger for a while, but I read several comics here on CF, so I figured I'd join in the fun. I'll upload all the back issues as quickly as possible, then go to a 2 per week update schedule just like on Blogger.